Why is Back/Stage better than Christmas morning

Back/Stage is a small communication agency from Lille, created in 2016 by five passionate students.

// Amin a.k.a Slash

So don’t look twice, we live in troubled timesAmin Slash

Amin is a 22-year-old student who is passionate about music and cinema. He plays music and is really interested in the behind-the-scenes of the cinema for more than 10 years. He often goes to concerts and works with SUM41 in France. Today, he likes to discover new musical styles and go to festivals with his friends. In the agency, Amin is in charge of the redaction.


// Océane a.k.a Da Vince Gode

Océane Da Vinci GodeWe wake up to the world and to the others, between astonishment and comprehension, amazement and terror, learning and invention, discovering the reality and exploring the imaginary” – When arts meet science, Jean-Claude Ameisen

Océane is 20 years old. Art amateur since her childhood, she spends most of her time amazed by everything – full of imagination and carefreeness. Passionate and motivated by the topic of the blog Back/Stage chose, she thinks arts are a human production allowing people to blossom. Otherwise, she thinks that the digital sector is revolutionizing the display of arts. In this team, she is head of the community and trafic management department and aims at making a name for the blog.

// Pierre a.k.a Xx-PGM59-xX

Pierre Xx-PGM59-xX« Art is a version of the world. If you do not like it, ignore it; or offer your own version in return. »

Pierre is 21 years old. He is passionated by design and web. He is a huge fan of cinema, photography, music and arts including every style and genre. Pierre will light a fire inside of you thanks to his passion for arts and his curiosity. Today, creating is not just for him a hobby but his lifestyle. Pierre sets everything up for you to be amazed ! In the agency, he is the digital creative executive.


// Alexandre a.k.a Vincent Vega

Alexandre Vincent Vega

Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get

Alexandre is 20 years old. His main interests include cinema, photography and video games. Keen on acting, directing and writing for as long as he can remember, Alexandre has the experience and the expertise required to feed a debate during hours with you. Today, when he is not creating, he actively practices the “chill” hobby. In the agency, he does not hesitate to write articles with the greatest care and also make exquisite video edits !


// Lara a.k.a Traductor

I didn’t choose the art life, the art life chose meLara Traductor

Lara is a 20-year-old student who enjoys long walks by the beach, singing in the shower and travelling. After spending 13 years in drama classes, she decided to take a break from the stage. Nowadays she loves reading a play, improvising with her friends and sometimes reciting some good old Molière. In the agency, Lara is in charge of the SEO, the web design and the translation of our precious articles.


Check the Back/Stage video presentation here !

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