How HomePod will destroy the planet as a robot

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The Apple brand used its keynote to introduce a new product that will shadow Google and Amazon, a HomePod – a smart speaker.

The market of the connected objects is the new successful field where all the constructors try to impose themselves. Apple just released its latest high-tech accessory for connected home. HomePod, it is its name. It is a speaker including seven little ones and six microphones that promise to make music addicts enjoy the quality of the sound. However, it is not about a simple audio accessory, it is also a connected object answering to its owner’s voice while executing their orders just like Siri on iPhone et iPad. Connected to the Internet, Homepod works thanks to Siri. It is possible to ask them questions about the weather or the trafic. We also can intervene via its alternative on home connected objects with the Apple system.



If the American giant introduced its HomePod as a connected speaker, we would attribute it the role of virtual assistant. The product is announced in the United States for December 2017. We  highly hope that it will arrive quickly overseas to satisfy everyone!

The price of this little jewel is 349$ which is slightly more expensive than their competitors. A price that put this new product as a premium and luxury item.


Here is the Apple introduction video about HomePod.

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