How will story distributor make the world a better place

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Renewing the writing and the reading thanks to the digital ! 

The SNCF travelers had the amazing surprise to discover a new kind of machine. A free service allowing them to access to a short story which the length is adaptable with the time they require. The occasion to put aside the smartphones and to enjoy reading for a bit. The short format can enter in a lot of supports and small moments of the daily life. It is too bad that it is not well considered in France which is not the case in the United States or England. Not always obvious to get into a 500-pages book. What if those distributors were at the post station, or in medical cabinets? All those moments of waiting could finally become educative.

To install arts and culture among the stations…

Still in the objective of putting the culture inside of our daily life, in all the stations here, SNCF Gares & Connexions, partner of great manifestations (e.g. photography, contemporary arts, music), want to make arts and culture accessible to their 10 billions of daily visitors. For that, whether they offre several inaugurations, but also free permanent cultural devices such as piano, baby-foot, and today, the short story machine.

To emerge talents while making the travelers enjoying their experience in the station

With this distributor of a new kind, SNCF Gares & Connexions whist repositioning literature and writing among our daily life. The stakes? To make emerging new contemporary authors and make richer the waiting time of their visitors with a fun and adapted service.

With an innovating distributor !

This project works on the community as a gathering of authors from Short Edition – company specialized in the edition of short literature. Those writers feed those 55 000 short stories offered by the machine.

This innovation was launched as a pilot version by the city of Grenoble in some public areas. It is now present in several stations like in Rennes, Brest and Bordeaux.

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Shorts stories to read in a few minutes

The short stories that are offered by the machine are essentially poems and novels printed as papyrus. Choice? One to several minutes of reading according the time you need.

A simple and free service for everyone

How does that word? Choose one of the three buttons on the machine : 1 minute, 3 minutes or 5 minutes, according to the number of minutes that story will last.

After having determined you reading time, a papyrus more or less long, as a ticker, will be printed. And it is free !

What do you think of the initiative? Do you think it is a good thing for the travelers? Have you already tried it? Tell us in the comment section!

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