How Wonderwoman once saved the world

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Initially expected to shoot Thor 2 in 2013, Patty J decided to leave the film production and to quit Marvel following some artistic conflict. She wanted to have more freedom when it comes to the direction of the movie. A few years later, she comes back to revenge and signs with Warner Bros (DC Comics) for the first “Wonderwoman” movie in the theater.

Having a girl hero in our society is very important. Each year, in super-hero movies, we can see muscled male leading roles and we have never gotten the opportunity to see interesting female parts in the heroic film industry.


Women in this universe have always been reduced to whether love interest part – they mainly exist to fall in love with the hero- whether in stereotyped role such as Scarlett Johansson in Avengers with her skin-tight slip. Here is a super-hero movie directed by a woman for a woman who fights a men’s world and tries to show that it is not just about a pair of boobs. It is way more than that.

This film fully defends the women’s case. We had to wait 2017 to get a heroic blockbuster directed by a woman. Moreover, it gives the possibility to numerous little girls (or big) to get a real female model who is well represented and respects good values. Their parents can sleep well since this film exists.

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